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  • About Ka Song

    The Air Cleaner on the Wall

    Ka Song originates from American patented technology-Ka song technology. As a high-tech smart wall material brand, it is founded in 2000, "creating a healthier indoor air environment for people" is the direction Ka song has been pressing on. Ka Song, as always, implements a green industrial chain strategy, therefore a series of high-quality wall products from Ka Song have brought an energy-saving, healthy and comfortable indoor air environment to the public with high-efficiency. It is the first paint brand that puts forward the concept of "Smart Wall Material". Ka Song competes in the market with leading technology, praised as “The Air Cleaner on the Wall”

    Applied American patent
    Based on Nobel Prize technology
    Strong adsorption and intelligent decomposition
    Guarantee of Quality 20-Year-Performance

    Technical Team

    Ka Song, the only enterprise that sets up a double Nobel Prize lab

    Before coming here to investigate, I have never seen this technology anywhere else in the world. It is very important to people’s health. The Ka Song smart wall material surprised me. Such products should not only be in China but should also be promoted throughout the world! I am particularly honored to be able to apply the Nobel Prize discoveries, especially the titanium dioxide and molecular technology, to product development.

    ——Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Jean Pierre Sovic

    Core technology

    Ka Song, the never-ending technology enthusiast

    Core technology 1: Super large specific surface area, super high adsorption efficiency

    The specific surface area of Ka Song smart wall material is as high as 131.55O/g (the unfolded area of 1O Ka Song smart wall material equals the area of 10 football fields), which is 30-40 times that of ordinary materials such as diatom mud. The adsorption efficiency of toxic and harmful gases such as toluene and ammonia has been greatly improved.

    Core technology 2: Accurately lock harmful gases such as formaldehyde

    Formaldehyde molecules: nano-sized molecules with a diameter of about 0.46nm. Diatom mud molecular pore size: micron pore, molecular pore size is 10000~100000nm. Compared to the formaldehyde, the difference is more than 20,000 times, the adsorbed formaldehyde molecules cannot be locked, causing second pollution. The molecular pole size of Ka Song smart wall materials: real nano-scale pores, with a molecular pole size of 0.5-10nm, accurately lock formaldehyde.

    Core technology 3: visible indoor light can decompose harmful gases

    Ka Song takes the mixed crystal titanium dioxide into the zeolite molecular sieve, and the formaldehyde absorbed into the material undergoes a chemical reaction inside the material. Harmful gases can be effectively decomposed into water and carbon dioxide under indoor visible light, thereby achieving cyclic purification and avoiding secondary pollution.

    Purify up to 98.3% of formaldehyde

    • Ka Song smart wall materials are mainly made of inorganic materials such as molecular sieves and mixed crystal titanium dioxide. Fine technologies are used to add a variety of non-metallic mineral powders, using US patents and Nobel Prize technology. Molecular sieves have a rich microporous structure, and mixed crystal titanium dioxide is the important core of Ka song technology.

    If you fear formaldehyde, you can use Ka Song with relief, visible purification

    • As a wall decoration coating, Ka song Smart Wall Materials has the insurmountable advantages over ordinary wallpaper, latex paint, wall cloth, and diatom mud. The decorating effect can simulate the delicacy of latex paint, the luxury of wallpaper, the beauty of artistic painting and the texture of diatom mud. Ka Song smart wall materials are a revolutionary and exclusive air cleaning and technological coating!

    Product function

    You can enjoy a healthy and beautiful home thanks to Ka Song’s 8 features

    Purification of formaldehyde

    Natural mineral raw materials, combined with US patent technology, can purify formaldehyde under indoor visible light, and the purification rate of formaldehyde can reach 98.3%.

    Rich texture

    With different construction methods such as spraying, double carvings, manual texture, we can create beautiful and diverse finishes to meet different customer needs.

    Color for eye protection

    The color is soft, the light absorption rate is strong, the reflected light is natural, and it is not easy to make the eyes tired, which better protects the child‘s vision and reduces the rate of myopia.

    Fire and flame retardant

    Does not contain flammable substances. It is resistant to high temperatures. It will never burn in case of open flames or produce any toxic smoke.

    Humidity control

    When the room is damp, the micro holes of the wall will absorb the moisture in the air and store it and release the moisture when the air is dry. So, people call Ka Song smart wall materials as "breathing walls".

    Sound absorption and noise reduction

    Numerous micro-holes can absorb and block the sound. Its effect is equivalent to more than twice that of cement mortar and slate of the same thickness. At the same time, it can shorten the reverberation time by about 50%.

    Anti-mildew and anti-bacteria

    The ecological anti-mildew and bactericidal particles penetrate into the wall, quickly kill 99.99% of the bacteria and germs inside, solving the problem of bacteria. It ensures that the wall does not have mold, warpage, or cracks.

    Destruction resistance

    smooth and delicate touch, good gloss; high hardness and adhesion; strong and wear-resistant, super destructive resistance, no scratches from nails, and protect the wall from external damage.

    Series products

    Focus on indoor air purification for 20 years, devoted to quality coatings

    • The Ka Song smart wall material is a new type of technological and environmentally friendly wall material. Its main function is to absorb and decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde. This is also the best proof of the use of science and technology to overcome the world’s problems by residential research personnel. This technology will affect the entire coating industry.

      —— Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Mario Molina
    • Carbon-based composite materials can not only improve the living environment of human beings, but also save a lot of resources. It is the future development trend of decorative building materials and will bring a great revolution in interior decoration materials!

      —— Andrew Hamilton, President of New York University
    • Build a colorful home
      Ingenious craftsmanship starts a colorful home life
      Our strive for the quality of Ka song has no end!

    contact us

    We win trust with first-class effects and quality

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    (China) Changsha , Hunan

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    +86 400-770-9099

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